EK tech/ weapons

== History ==

Ek tech/weapons was created by request of skippy42(Ceo of Sk tech) it was first creating weapons in Daimon port (Daimon island) but it was working under Sk tech company. then the war started (DP vs FC) so the company built Fighters, bombers and missiles etc. then the company moved to Ying yang city and become idependant and changed name to Ek tech/weapons ( previous name was Ek weapons ) but now Ying yang city became inactive so the company is now moving to Daimon islands

Products Edit

  • Ion canon
  • Ek superfighter m63
  • Ek S97
  • Boing Ek586
  • Ek waterlander 299
  • Ek superfortress B42
  • Ek S96

Requests Edit

Ek weaponary will make future weapons for Sk Tech and Daimon Port And maybe Ying Yang city

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